What is a Marriage Commissioner? It is a civil wedding officiant. Alberta has       two kinds of ceremonies - religious or civil.  A religious service would be performed by a registered religious marriage officiant (eg pastor, priest etc). A civil service is performed by an appointed marriage commissioner like myself. Both are equally legal in Alberta. The choice is yours. You can have religious content (such as hymns and/or religious readings) in your civil ceremony if you wish, but somebody other than myself has to perform them.

Can we write our own vows?  If you opt for the Standard wedding package, then classic vows are used for the ceremony, but you can still read personal vows you have written for each other within that ceremony. If you have a "Custom Wedding" you can personalize the whole ceremony, from start to finish, and we will work together to make sure your vows are a beautiful reflection of you as a couple. There are two statements that are legally required, but the rest is up to you. If you have children, you could think about including them in the vows. Please see the Rates page for more details.

How long will the ceremony take? The wedding usually takes approximately 20 minutes. If you are adding readings, music etc, it will obviously be longer. I always recommend that you allow 30 minutes from start to finish, to allow for late arrivals, entrances, signing of the register etc.

How do we book your services?  A $100 deposit is due when you book me to perform your ceremony. This can be paid by way of an e-transfer to or by mailing a cheque. The remainder is due one week prior to the wedding. If you  have to postpone your wedding, you will not lose this deposit. If you are having a wedding on very short notice, then the full amount will be payable immediately upon booking.

Can we get married on the same day as we obtain our Marriage License?     Yes, you can. As long as you have 2 witnesses, and I do not have pre-existing commitments, I would be happy to perform your ceremony for you.

Can you marry same sex couples? Of course!

Although the License is only valid for 3 months, can we book you several months ahead? Yes. This is a really good idea if you want to ensure getting the ideal day and time for your wedding. Summer Saturdays fill up really fast!

Do we have to exchange rings? No. It's your choice - 2 rings, 1, or none.

Can we have a rehearsal?  Of course! I am more than happy to walk you and your wedding party through the ceremony in advance to make sure everybody feels comfortable. A rehearsal is not mandatory though, and there is an extra fee for it.

Can we get married at home? Absolutely - or at the home of a friend or relative. Anywhere in Alberta!

Can we get married at YOUR home? Yes - we love to host couples out at our  acreage West of Spruce View. We can host up to 20 people (including the couple getting married). For wedding parties under 5 people, there would be no extra charge for this. Click here for details "Weddings at our acreage".

Can our children be a part of the ceremony? Yes! If you are a couple with kids, this is a lovely way for your children to feel really included in your special day. Take a look at the 'Custom Weddings' page for some ideas. 

Do you charge travel feesNot if your wedding is within Red Deer County or in the Caroline area. If your venue is outside of the county, then there is a $75 travel fee for each round trip that is involved. If I  am traveling much longer distances, then a larger fee might be involved.

What will you be wearing? I will be in formal business like attire - usually a black or navy suit. However, if you are having a themed wedding  - eg Western - I am happy to dress a little more casually!

Do you give us a Marriage Certificate on our wedding day? No - a Civil Marriage Statement will be presented to you following the ceremony, serving as proof of the marriage. Once married, couples can go back to an Alberta Registries office to apply for an Alberta Marriage Certificate if they require one. For details please go to

Are you able to renew our vows for us if we are already married? Absolutely. I would be delighted to do this for you. 

Do you perform commitment ceremonies? Yes, I do!

We are planning a destination wedding and would like to be legally married in Alberta beforehand - can we do this? Yes - this is a great idea to ensure that you have a legal marriage. Some countries have complex requirements for any marriages there to be legal (eg staying there for a certain period of time before and after the wedding, blood tests etc) You would be legally married in Alberta, thereby reducing possibly tricky legal documentation abroad, stress and costs. You could have a very small, private ceremony in Alberta, and then have your big celebration at the destination of your dreams. The Standard ceremony is perfect for this situation - take a look at the "Rates" page for details.

Do you perform multiple weddings in one day? 2 is my maximum, and only if there is ample time between the ceremonies. That way I can really focus on each couple, and nobody feels rushed or stressed!

                If you have any other questions - please contact me.

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