Apart from 2 statements that are required under the Marriage Act for your wedding to be legal, you can totally customize your vows and the ceremony if you wish. You can include music, readings, beautiful symbolic ceremonies, friends and family - it's up to you how you wish to celebrate your special day. Here you will find just a few examples of different ceremony types, but I am always open to helping you plan whatever kind of ceremony you have dreamed of.

Blended Family Vow Ceremony

When one or both of you have children, it can be really lovely to involve them in the marriage ceremony. You

 can include them in your wedding vows or have a special document for them to sign so that they feel part of

  your big day. You may wish to present the child(ren) with a small meaningful gift (it does not have to be 

expensive!) The Sand Ceremony - (see below) can be a great way to include your children in the ceremony, 

making it fun and memorable for the whole family.

 Sand Ceremony
During  or after the wedding vows, the couple, (and any children they want to  include) each takes a vase of 
different coloured sand and pours it into a single large vessel. This lovely keepsake is a wonderful visual reminder 
of your special day and the beautiful coming together of individuals as a family.

Stone Ceremony
The Stone Ceremony is a wonderful way to make all of your guests feel part of your special day and your future together. It usually involves using small pebbles or stones which are given to friends and family upon their arrival. Guests hold these stones during the ceremony and make a heartfelt wish for your life together. Some couples provide permanent markers for friends and family to write their names and add their wish. The stones are gathered
up after the ceremony and become a lovely keepsake for you.

Rose Ceremony
Often performed after the vows, the giving of roses as your first gifts to one another as husband and wife is a
 beautiful yet simple addition to the wedding ceremony. Roses say "I love you" and reflect the blossoming of your relationship with each other. This can then become a symbol of your love for each other throughout your marriage - perhaps as anniversary gifts, or as a way of saying "I love you" or "I'm sorry" at those times when it's difficult to 
find the right words. If you have children, they can of course be involved in this ceremony.

Unity Candle  Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony recognizes the light of love that burns at the heart of every marriage. The use of two taper candles to light the “unity” candle, recognizes the joining together of lives, families, and loved ones through the marriage. As part of this service, the couple may have one or more of their family members, such as their mothers, each light a candle. The couple then use these candles to light the Unity Candle. On your anniversary each year, you can light the candle and remember the vows you made to each other. If you are getting married outdoors, I would NOT recommend this ceremony for you, as the wind can wreak havoc with the candle flames!

Hand Fasting Ceremony

A beautiful Celtic Tradition, popular in Scotland and Ireland, couples have their hands bound together to show their  connection and devotion toward one another, as they literally "Tie the knot" in front of their friends and family. You can use one or more threads, and will have a beautiful eternal knot as a keepsake following this ceremony.
A rehearsal is highly recommended if you are having a Hand Fasting Ceremony!

Love Letter Ceremony
This ceremony involves a romantic exchange of letters written to your new spouse, to be opened privately later on
 in your marriage. If you're a little uncomfortable saying heartfelt vows in front of friends and family, this can be a
great option. You can open the letters at the end of your wedding day, or seal them into a special box to open on your 
1st, 5th, 10th  anniversary - the options are endless! You can then carry this tradition on in your marriage - writing beautiful letters to each other on your anniversaries.

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