You can choose from 2 different types of ceremony - the full Custom Wedding package, or the cheaper Standard wedding package. I also perform Commitment Ceremonies and Vow Renewal Ceremonies.

You can absolutely come out to our acreage for wedding - please click here for details

deposit of $100 is due when you book me to perform your ceremony. This can be paid by way of an e-transfer to rdcountyweddings@yahoo.com or by mailing a cheque. The remainder is due two weeks prior to the wedding. If you have to postpone your wedding, you will not lose this deposit. If you are having a wedding on very short notice, then the full amount will be payable immediately upon booking.

CUSTOM WEDDING CEREMONY                                              $450
Have the ceremony of your dreams with this custom wedding package. We will go over all of the details, big and small, so that the wedding truly reflects who you are as a couple, and every part of the ceremony runs smoothly.

This fee includes:                            
  • Detailed pre-wedding consultation. We will sit down together and discuss at length all of the details of your wedding ceremony and the personalizing of your vows. I love to get a feel for the couple so that the ceremony really reflects who you are. If an in-person meeting isn't possible, we can do this over Zoom/FaceTime! Following that initial face-to-face meeting, we will work together in the months before your wedding to personalize and fine tune your ceremony, especially the wording of your vows, any symbolic ceremony you might be including, the details of the procession in and out, the ring exchange etc. We will go back and forth until every single details is absolutely perfect.
  • Officiating the Marriage Ceremony.
  • Completion of the Civil Marriage Statement (your proof of marriage document.)
  • Submission of completed Marriage Registration to Alberta Vital Statistics.
  • Post wedding follow up.
Please note: if your wedding requires an exceptional amount of planning, there may be extra charges.

STANDARD CEREMONY                                       $250 
This fee includes:
  • Officiating the Marriage Ceremony.
  • Completion of the Civil Marriage Statement (your proof of marriage document.)
  • Submission of completed Marriage Registration to Alberta Vital Statistics.
This is the perfect way to go if you are just looking for a low key and simple wedding. The Standard ceremony is often the choice for couples who aren't having the big "white" wedding, or who are wanting to be legally married prior to a big celebration at a later date, be it in here or abroad. We will chat via phone and/or email before your wedding, but we do not have a face-to face meeting or lengthy correspondence beforehand. Standard (but very lovely!) vows are used for this ceremony.

WEDDING REHEARSAL                                                          $175
We will rehearse and go through all of the details of the ceremony until you and the entire wedding party feel comfortable, confident and ready for your special day. This is a great way to iron out any wrinkles and prepare
for the unexpected so that your wedding flows really beautifully! A rehearsal is a really good idea if you have a          large wedding party!   (Please note - a rehearsal is not mandatory)

This fee includes:
  • Pre - ceremony consultation - whether in person or via phone/email.
  • Assistance with writing your vows (if needed).
  • Performance of the vow renewal / commitment ceremony.    

For any of the above services, there may be travel charges depending on the distances involved.  In general, weddings within Red Deer County will not involve travel fees, and weddings outside of the County will have a minimum fee of $75.

RUSH REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE                             $100
I will personally register your completed Registration of Marriage on the next business day (after your marriage ceremony) rather than mailing it to Vital Statistics as per usual. This will reduce the time before Vital Statistics can
issue your Marriage Certificate by about 3 weeks.

  • All prices include GST
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer to rdcountyweddings@yahoo.com
  • $100 deposit is due at the time of booking, remaining payment is due 7 days before the ceremony 

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