"You did such a beautiful job and I’m so happy we had you marry us.    Thank you!"



Thank you so much! It was a perfect day and you 
    were a huge part of that. We are so grateful! 

Saturday was perfect, we can’t thank you enough!! We very much enjoyed having you as our officiant.  You made everything way more stress free, fun, and smooth!! Thank you for everything!

The ceremony was nothing short of perfect, and we have to thank you for that!


Thank you SO much for everything, it was so incredible having you there with us and we really enjoyed the ceremony. Your words were absolutely perfect and we felt that they truly encompassed our relationship and our promises for the future. 

It was such a beautiful day. We were very happy with everything! You were so helpful and kept us both very relaxed. Thank you for everything!!

Thank YOU so much for everything!! The ceremony was absolutely wonderful and everything we wanted. You were so helpful through the entire process.     
    All of our guests also commented how great you were! They loved your accent!! And the day was even more amazing than we had imagined!


Thanks again for all you did for us. We were so happy,            and would recommend you to anyone looking for a marriage commissioner!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful wedding ceremony! It was such a great day and the ceremony was perfect!

 I had so many people say positive things to me about you. You are so bright, fun, kind, and organized. We were blown away by your ability to incorporate pieces of our personal vows into your program on the spot! It added such a personal and warm touch to our ceremony. You made everything about the ceremony light, loving, warm, but still so beautifully organized. It flowed perfectly.
You were right there with us, on our team - you were so supportive through this process, and I appreciate everything you have done for us. You are part of what made this such
 a perfect day.

Thank you so much for officiating our marriage.
We had a really great time. Your place is amazing
 and just what we needed. Thank you again for 
your help. Take care always. 

Saturday was an absolutely magical day! Everything worked out perfectly and we are so thankful you could be apart of it! We also loved how you added in our dog into the ceremony! It was a wonderful little surprise! 

You made this process so incredibly easy for us and always made us feel like we were heard. All our guests and family members had nothing but wonderful thing to say about you and couldn’t agree with them more. You’re very talented and we will be recommending you to anyone and everyone who needs an officiant! 


Thank you so so much for all of your help and services.    You were excellent, especially when it came to calming   our nerves and you had a great combination of humour         and professionalism. 


We are truly so so so grateful you were our officiant and you did an incredible job with literally every part of it. We had so many compliments on how wonderful and sweet you were from all of our friends and family too. We are still coming off the high of how perfect our wedding day was!

I want to extend our sincerest gratitude for your role in our wedding. You were there to keep us all on track and help calm the many nerves that we all had leading up to the ceremony. We are all so thankful, and many of our guests commented on how wonderful you were.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We were beyond happy having you marry us! It 
was an amazing day and we are so happy you
 were part of it! Thank you so much! 

We so appreciated you!  You were so understanding of how rushed it was right before the ceremony. Our families felt relaxed because of you, and enjoyed everything you did for us. In addition, you walked us patiently through the preparation for our wedding, making us feel at ease the whole time. You were absolutely wonderful and we recommend you completely to friends and couples to be!

You were amazing, we loved having you as part of our wedding. I only have positive things to say and really appreciate the pre-wedding checklists, your promptness, professionalism, personalized touches, and your willingness to connect with other vendors prior to the ceremony. The support you provided to us both, and our families was outstanding.

We loved having you as the person who pronounced us "Wives"! What a beautiful time we all had and we wouldn't change a thing about it! Hugs to you!

We loved having you as the person who pronounced us "Wives"! What a beautiful time we all had and we wouldn't change a thing about it! Hugs to you!

We were thrilled!!! You were fantastic! Thank you
     so much for helping make our day special.
You made everything really easy and smooth - even my little hiccup with my vows. Thank you so so much for a wonderful ceremony. You were amazing!

 Photos by Nicole Marie Photography

Honestly, we couldn't have been happier - it was awesome! You were great - thanks so much Helen!

We are so glad we had you do the ceremony. – you NAILED it! You did an amazing job and our guests absolutely loved you as well! 

Thank you SO much for keeping me in line and making sure the guys were all organized and coordinated! I don’t know what I would’ve done without you!!! There was so much going on within 

the hour leading up to the ceremony haha! THANK YOU! We are so grateful for you!


Thank you for making our day so special. You made the whole process go so smoothly and have been a huge part of our day - we are so thankful!

Everyone raved about your officiant services, and I would highly recommend you to anyone. We kept saying, how much more special our day was because of you. We honestly have nothing but overwhelmingly positive things to say about you..............Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in our wedding day and for everything you did to make our ceremony absolutely amazing. We will never forget the day, and that is in large part to you! 

Thanks so much! We are very thankful we got to meet you and have you at our wedding! It was great!

We could not have wished for a better day - it was lovely! Thanks a million!!

We absolutely LOVED our wedding! It was beautiful and perfect and you were such a good match.  Thank you again for doing such a beautiful and amazing job.

                                Photos by Madison Jamie Photography

Thank you again! I'm so happy we found you online! You were so amazing to us and we will forever adore you!!! Can't say thank you enough!!

I don't think we could have been happier with your services, and if I haven't said it enough already, thank you again!

Photos by Ang at brzphotography.com

Thank you so much for everything! The service was absolutely perfect and we appreciate how caring you were in the process.              We heard nothing but rave reviews of you from our guests                                 and we echo the same sentiments!

Everything was perfect.... the ceremony was just lovely; exactly what we were looking for.

Photos by Maria the Photographer

Photos by Wool and Willow photography

Helen was just the sweetest and most down to earth officiant, and we would recommend her to everybody!